How I work

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Jack sketch
Jack Ink
Jack color
Jack near final
The shining
Leatherface sketch
Leatherface Ink
Leatherface color

Some people ask me about the way I make my images and what it takes to bring them into the world. So here are a few fun examples of how I make it happen.

For Halloween I made a number of images of famous movie monsters and characters.  So I started with a quick google search to find pics of Jack in The Shining then did the pencil sketch based on that. I wasn't sure which side I wanted the ax head to be on at first.

Once I was mostly happy I started inking, then realized, I hadn't got the ax head right. No problem, I'll take care of it later. I was pretty happy with Jack's face though and left off inking that till after the color was applied. 

This is where Photoshop came in really handy. At this point I removed the experimental ax heads, cleaned up the main one, and made small changes to the jacket. When I did my first Google search, a lot of the stills from the movie were too dark to see the jacket clearly. Here I've altered the collar to look more like the one Jack wears in the movie.

For this image of Leatherface I used a similar process. In this case I just popped the movie in for a good scary watch and started with pencils, moved to inks, colors and finally a quick clean and the addition of text. 

How to make a TARDIS
TARDIS outline

For more complicated images like vehicles, airplanes, cars, or in this case the TARDIS from Doctor Who, I start off with a line drawing made in Illustrator.

Most of my drawings are done freehand but machines have such smooth lines I prefer to use illustrator to get the shapes just right.

To get the color, I laid down a solid wash of blue on a thick card and scanned it into the computer. Then it was a simple matter of dropping it behind the TARDIS to get that textured blue that I wanted.

With a few more elements added in like type for the Police Box sign and the call box plus a touch of Photoshopping, I have myself a fine, working TARDIS!