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Pamela Villadores
Pamela has her own language school or “eikaiwa.” We collaborated to create a series of cards based on what she needed for her students. By creating personalized cards for her students she shows that she not only cares about their growth but is actively taking steps to do something about it. 


The American School here in Japan hired me to illustrate the ten winning images from their “Picture This!” contest. ASIJ’s 10 winners are children in grades three to five.

Here are two of my favorites.

Children's home winter
SCBWI Gallery show
Bubble gum children's poem

Three images from the book were chosen for a juried show at Gallerie Malle in Ebisu Tokyo. Juried shows are something of a rarity here in Japan so it was a real pleasure to be invited to show at such a wonderful gallery as part of SCBWI’s Illustrator’s Exhibition.

(the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators)

I was contacted by a friend over at TechTarget to do a series of illustrations explaining the top ten need-to-know terms in cloud computing. With cloud computing now a part of some of our daily lives they wanted to help users get familiar with some of the terminology associated with it.

Terms like hadoop.

So what does that mean? And why is there an elephant in the clouds! Well if you want to find out what it’s all about and be a little more informed about this amazing new world in the cloud, check out the series of illustrations I made for TechTarget.

A little while back I was asked to rework a logo design for Design for Change and Hope International for a joint event held in Japan.

Visit their sites and learn more about them by following the links below.

Design for Change:
As seen on TED: Sethi's latest project, inspired by dialogue with the children of Riverside, is called AProCh -- which stands for "A Protagonist in every Child." Fighting the stereotype of modern kids as rude and delinquent, AProCh looks for ways to engage Ahmedabad's children in modern city life, and to revamp our cities to make room for kids to learn, both actively and by example.

Hope International Development Agency:
Helping the world's
poor since 1975 HOPE International Development Agency is a non-profit international development agency based in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. 

Alphabot and syntax
Cloud computing
Walk the cloud