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100 Common Uncommon Words grew out of my love of words. Words after all represent ideas. So it’s important for us to use exactly the right word at the right time.

This book is best used with highly competent speakers of English as many of the terms in the book are commonly misspelled or misused even by native speakers. If you’re teaching upper intermediate to advanced students this might be the book for you.

The words here are grouped in 10 categories:

- an introductory group,

- uncommon opposites,

- words that sound the same,

- formal words,

- commonly misused words,

- words of love,

- French words used in English,

- commonly misspelled words,

- words with mythic origins,

  1. -and some fun, seemingly nonsensical words.

Each page has two word images, descriptions and examples of the words with short explanations. Each page also includes alternate ways to say the same things. Some words might be a little tough and there might be more common and more natural alternatives to those words. Therefore, wherever possible, I’ve tried to include as many of those alternates to make the book more accessible to more students. Each page also includes elicitation examples for getting students to make up their own sentences.

Conversation: for competent beginners.

This is a collection of 26 of the best lesson handouts I’ve ever made. Each sheet or lesson focusses on conversation through the use of clear, easy-to-drill examples, natural dialogue and techniques like asking follow up questions and adding extra information in the easiest ways possible.

The worksheets and activities in this book have been used with students who already have some familiarity with English and its patterns and are ready to have short conversations.

Pages are designed for easy printing with loads of great examples, replacement drills, and conversations for students to practice, along with, of course, lots of amazing images!

You and your students are going to love it!

convesation for beginners e-book
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100 common uncommon words

My English Images

For the past several years this site has been, a HUGE repository of worksheets, images and ideas that stemmed from my experience as a teacher working directly with small groups of students. The idea was, and still is, that by sharing materials and lessons with others I can get feedback on them while also contributing to the larger world of education. In other words, by giving, I also receive, which is a nice way of doing things.

Twice a month I post free worksheets for teachers, samples of which you can see below. There are hundreds of images available and, what I’m most excited about is a series of ebooks coming later this summer!

Get it now!
Get it now!

Need custom images for young learners? Want to spice up your lessons with a few simple images that will catch the kids’ attention? Or do you need materials for your school that you can use over and over again for lots of students and classes?

Let’s talk. I just might be able to help.


Hundreds of vocabulary cards for students and teachers are available for you to check out at My English Images. They are totally free and I even take requests for more words that can help you explain all sorts of concepts.

Eye catching images and designs help your students remember the target language better and keep customers coming back to engage in the experience.

Teaching pronunciation is loads of fun! It’s extremely important for good listening and speaking skills and yet is something often overlooked by many teachers, or not taught at all.