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Hi! My name is Mike Kloran and I’m from Brooklyn New York. I’m living in the Tokyo area and am working on textbook designs for a private language school.
I accept commissions from any location so get in touch any time.
Twitter: @kloranfm

Mike Kloran
Muscle time
The Brooklyn Bridge
Fukushima waterfall
Tohoku earthquake Sendai

I grew up in beautiful Pennsylvania but spent my last few years in America in Brooklyn, New York which really seems like home now. (Home is where the heart is right?)


For over four years I taught special language and technical training classes for the Japanese ODA JICA, helping my amazing students prepare for life as teachers in developing nations throughout Africa.

Japanese Moth
Tsunami debris Sendai

At the time of the Tohoku Earthquake in March 2011, I was living in Fukushima prefecture working for JICA. The earthquake and subsequent radiation leaks from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant forced me to leave Fukushima and take temporary refuge in Osaka.

It was in Osaka, while figuring out what to do following the events of the earthquake that devastated Japan that I started running seriously and am now preparing for the Tokyo Marathon.

During the summer I moved to the Yokohama area where I have continued teaching and am currently working for a great little language school in Chiba called Jabble with an incredible crew of teachers. It’s a great opportunity as I’m also working on a sweet new revamp of the books and teaching materials we use there at the school.

When I can squeeze a free moment or two out of a day I like to get out to take pictures in nature, bugs, flowers, anything wild and growing enthralls me. I spend too much time staring at computer screens and cell phones so getting into “the real world,” is a lot more fun than Tweeting or Poking.


My friends and family back home are super important to me and I miss them all the time.


How do you make your images?
I get asked this question so often I’ve actually made a whole page about it. Every project is a little different but for simple illustrations I generally, do some research, do some sketches, do the inks, then add color. In the end I touch it all up with a bit of photoshop. See the whole process here.

How long does it take to make your images?
This really depends on the project complexity. Simple images like the little image at right could potentially be made pretty quickly though that’s not always the case. For more complicated images like a train or a house take a significantly longer period of time. Scenes such as a group of people at the beach or pages from a book could also take a long time.

Will you draw me?
YES! I’d be glad to. Just message me to find out more about how I can turn you into one of my drawings.

What do you charge?
That depends entirely on the project. Some projects involve one simple drawing, others require a hundred pages of content and design work along with photos and illustrations.

Generally speaking, a full color 1/4 page image costs about ¥8,000.

For larger projects or image sets I will make an estimate based on what you need, what I am able to do and how much time it will take. So let’s talk about it. I love creating so let’s collaborate on making something great.

What other projects are you working on?
In 2012 I became the head teacher at a language school in Shinjuku in Tokyo Japan. It’s an exciting and challenging experience building a language school and helping it grow into a place where students can grow to their full potential.

Right now my biggest and best project is learning to be a dad. It’s probably the most rewarding and life changing challenge a person could experience and I love it.

Surviving the dead
fat zombie
Radioactive zombie

One of my newest projects is creating a comprehensive illustrated guide to zombies and Surviving the Dead. That’s actually also the title of the comic I’m playing with as well. It’s a nice bit of fun to give me a break from my educational illustrations. So check it out by clicking here.

Mike Kloran
The dark haired lady